UAE ready with aid to support military operation in Yemen

A large scale surge in humanitarian aid will accompany military operations to liberate the Yemeni port of Hodeidah, according to the government of the UAE.

The UAE and its Arab Coalition partners have launched military action to take control of the port from Houthi militias after a request from Yemen’s legitimate government.

The UAE Foreign Affairs ministry says alongside the military mission is a plan for aid that has been developed over many months.

It includes supplies of food, fuel and medicine as well as shelter which can be quickly deployed.

These have been pre-positioned on ships in the Red Sea and are ready to move quickly into Hodeidah.

The ministry says the port remains open to shipping, and should the Houthis seek to further damage or destroy port infrastructure, the aid plan includes contingencies to move supplies via other means.

The UAE says it and its coalition partners have already shown they can be relied up on to deliver large-scale aid operations, highlighting similar efforts after the successful liberation of larger cities such as Aden.

It says the aid plans include close co-operation with international agencies and organisations operating on the ground.

The government also says it will scale up further aid collaboration with other international aid agencies.

In April, the UAE pledged around US$500 million in aid for Yemen, part of nearly US$1 billion dollars in aid promised by it and fellow Arab Coalition member Saudi Arabia.

The UAE is one of the world’s largest aid donors and earlier this year was recognised by the OECD in its annual assessment of foreign aid spending as the top donor by national income for the fifth year in a row.

That result was noted at the time by UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

“The good of the UAE is for all humanity,” he said. “That is how [UAE founding father Sheik] Zayed founded [the country].”

The 2017 amount represented an increase of more than 23 percent in total aid spending by the UAE on the year previous.

A total of 147 countries benefited from the UAE development aid spending.