East meets West, Old meets New

Awe-inspiring modernity and diversity is underpinned by the preservation of rich Arab traditions in a distinctive culture where old embraces new, and east embraces west.

Born of a unique environment that blends the desert, mountains and sea, the UAE’s age-old tribal heritage has been preserved in the idea of mutual assistance and loyalty to family as well as selfless hospitality as a source of honour and pride. The religion of Islam provides the cement that holds the society together.

Keeping the heritage alive

From Falconry to equestrian races, handicrafts festivals to folk dance performances, Emiratis continue to practice the ancient sports, arts and traditions that their ancestors enjoyed, encouraging visitors to spectate and participate.

Forging new ground

Whether it’s Michelin star gastronomy, a desert warrior fitness challenge or ground-breaking performance art, the UAE is on a steep trajectory of creativity and artistic expression that reflects it’s rapid advancements into the future and it’s enormous cultural diversity.

Young Emiratis are laying claim to their creative futures, expressing themselves through art, food, events and experiences, and the country is attracting world-attention with the establishment of premier attractions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, events such as the Dubai International Film Festival and world-first performance venues such as the aqua-based theatrical spectacle, La Perle.