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United Arab Emirates meets Australia

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The UAE and AUS

The United Arab Emirates and Australia enjoy a strong partnership across a wide range of economic, security and cultural interests. As the relationship between our two nations grow, so do the opportunities.

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See the real UAE

The UAE is striving for a future that promotes moderate Islam, empowers women, embraces diversity, encourages innovation and welcomes global engagement.

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Experience the UAE

As the gateway between Asia and Europe, more than 200 nationalities successfully live, work and play in the UAE – a place that blends the best of the West with the noble traditions of the Arab world.

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The UAE at a glance

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    Women in the UAE account for about 70% of all university graduates

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    The UAE is building a $136m city to replicate life on Mars.

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    The UAE has Ministries for Youth, Happiness and Tolerance. Each of these Ministers is a woman.

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    Masdar City, Abu Dhabi is the world’s first carbon-zero, zero-waste, car-free city.

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    The UAE is the world’s number one aid donor.

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    The UAE population is made up of 200 nationalities.

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    23,000+ Australians live and work in the UAE.

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    UAE is a federation made up of 7 Emirates

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    $26 billion is the total UAE investment in Australia.

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East meets West, Old meets New

East meets West, Old meets New

Awe-inspiring modernity and diversity is underpinned by the preservation of rich Arab traditions in a distinctive culture where old embraces new, and east embraces west.

Space Pioneers

Space Pioneers

With an investment of more than A$69 Billion, the UAE plans to be one of the leading countries in the field of space research, by forging a ground-breaking path in space exploration, technology, satellite communications and research on terrestrial applications.

A fourth industrial revolution

A fourth industrial revolution

Given the primary role it plays in shaping the future, the UAE is investing in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, semiconductors, nanotechnology and 3D printing, and in strategies and initiatives to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.

The rise of Robocops

The rise of Robocops

The country's first Robocop using Artificial Intelligence is on the beat in Dubai. Versions of the prototype will eventually be used to chase down suspects and nab parking fee dodgers.